Build a business data infrastructure


Build a business data infrastructure

Aug 2, 2022 | ICT | 0 comments

InfraStructure TM is the scalable and adaptable data center IT room architecture that dramatically reduces time and complexity from concept and design through installation.

This new generation of Infrastructure delivers:

  1. • Higher performance — 25% increase in power and cooling capacity, 15% smaller footprint
  2. • More scalability — as big as you want to go
  3. • Faster and easier planning through operations — automated planning and design tools with open and integrated management and Operations software
  4. • More innovation and leadership — from the world’s leader in data center physical infrastructure all while reducing cost!
  5. • Furthermore, we implement turnkey solutions for data centers including UPS, racks, cooling, access control, and fire suppression

Why do InfraStructure data centers mean business? As the industry’s one-of-a-kind truly modular, adaptable, and ‘on-demand’ data center system, only InfraStruxure can ensure that your data center can adapt effectively, efficiently, and, perhaps most important, quickly, to business changes. To us, a data center means business when:

  1. It is always available, 24/7/365, and performs at the highest level at all times
  2. It is always ready and able to grow at the breakneck speed of business
  3. It enables IT and facilities to keep pace with the business in a synchronized way
  4. It continues to achieve greater and greater energy efficiency—from planning through operations
  5. It lets you add capacity without waiting on logistical delays (e.g., work orders)
  6. It is able to grow with the business itself
  7. It supports—instead of hinders—business

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