Project Management

Project management and monitoring

Project Management

Tendo Electronics business model places much emphasis on service as the core product hence all the products we supply, we ensure that we maintain and service every unit we supply to enable our clients to run their business stress-free knowing that their power supply is uninterrupted and always available whenever they need.

We usually give recommendations on the maintenance of every unit supplied to help clients save their money from unnecessary breakdowns and power shortages.

Project Management

Whether or not you buy your equipment is supplied by Tendo Electronics, we offer an unrivalled project management service for installation of UPS systems, solar systems, inverter system and backup generators.

The company has over 25 years hands on experience in the design, sale, installation and ongoing maintenance, of all types of backup power systems and can professionally manage your project from inception to completion.

Our project management service always starts with a free site survey, which allow us to assess your existing infrastructure, analysing where weaknesses in the existing system could be bolstered, or where potential restrictions to equipment size, or difficulties with delivery routes.

This ensures that we can put in place the most effective power continuity plan, tailored specifically for your site. This ensures that we can put in place the most effective power continuity plan tailored specifically for your site.

Dedicated Project Manager

Tendo Electronics provides a complete design and project management service at amazingly affordable rates. From your initial enquiry, we appoint a dedicated certified and qualified Project Manager, who will be responsible for attending site meetings, arranging site projects surveys and assessing your project requirements specification including: efficiency, load(s) resilience, size, format, location, runtime, fuel sources and site characteristics.

Our project management service includes liaising with all the concerned parties: sub-contractors and suppliers, consultants, third-party engineers, site and facilities engineers, and IT, Sustainability and Energy Managers, and the generation of project documentation both electronic and printed format as per client request.

We also coordinate the generation of O&M manuals, maintenance manuals, CAD drawings (electrical and layout), bills of materials, method statements and risk assessments, commissioning certificates, electrical work certificates and training schedules for each project done.

Service Level Agreement/Maintenance Contracts

Service Level Agreement/Maintenance Contracts

Facilities management – Facilities Management (FM) is there to provide ancillary support services namely plumbing services, shopfitting/carpentry services, transport services, building services, painting/decorative services, general electrical & lighting services & any other site-specific specialist services like tiling, roofing & gutter repairs, glazing etc.

Generator air emissions tests, construction of generator plinths/slabs & building maintenance consultancy services are also offered.

Remote monitoring – The system has a provision to supply users with SMS alert notification for critical events. This feature gives the client real time updates on events

Remote Monitoring

Remote Project Monitoring

The system offers users with the capacity to query the generator control panels for information at will.

By using the Web interface on one’s PC, smart phone or tablet users can log into the generator control panels and retrieve information available onsite.

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