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Tendo Electronics is a satisfied and accredited dealer of the Dan Ham Bush, Media, Carrier and LG brands in Zimbabwe. These suppliers are specialists in the design and manufacture of an impressive range of Chillers, Fan Convectors, Fancoils, Radiant Panels and Trench perimeter heating for a vast array of applications, specialising in commercial, institutional, medical and industrial environments enabling Tendo to supply, install, repair and commission these units on their behalf with just the same expertise and professionalism maximising the customer experience.

Products specifically suited to secure institutional areas and those where safety are paramount also form part of our impressive product portfolio. Airports, hospitals, schools, colleges, factories, offices, shops and warehouses wherever you may be there is a good chance that you have been kept comfortable by our products. The units range from the smallest unts to the HVAC system hence we have diversity when it comes to heating and cooling of any premises in and out of Zimbabwe.

Central Air Conditioning

In its most basic form, a ductless mini-split system consists of one outside unit and one indoor unit connected by refrigerant tubing and electrical cabling. The interior unit, which is usually wall-mounted, provides heated or cooled air directly into the living space, eliminating the need for ductwork.

A single-zone system is meant to give heating and cooling comfort to a single area. Hence, this one is also perfect for a small enclosed kind of setting.

Ductless, Mini-Split Air Conditioner

It is with the help of ductwork that the Central Air Conditioning system moves air throughout your space. It combines the supply air ducts that spread conditioned air throughout the area with return air ducts. That is responsible to bring the conditioned air back to the system.

This type of air conditioning unit not only makes the air cool, in fact, it also removes some part of the moisture present. This makes the area comfortable. Although central air conditioners are an ideal fit for residential settings. Smaller commercial settings like a tiny café, a small eatery, etc. can also have this one.

Tendo Electronics comfort system air conditioner

Comfort System

From small to big commercial settings, commercial air conditioning is utilized to chill, heat, and dehumidify the air. Commercial air conditioning units can be used in offices, shops, cafes, restaurants, schools, leisure centers, gyms, and any other sort of commercial property. In order to maintain a comfortable temperature and air quality for customers and/or employees in the summer and winter.

These commercial systems work on the HVAC system working principle that is by drawing air from within a room and turning it hot or cool. Depending on what temperature we want to have. It is the same air that is again recycled back into space in order to maintain the temperature.

Air conditioning systems are also known as AC. There are so many various systems in the market with varied heating and cooling capacities and settings. This is why it’s critical to hire a professional commercial air conditioning company to help you choose the best system for your business and property.

Tendo Electronics in-row system air conditioner

In-row System

The InRow DX 300mm Series is the newest close-coupled cooling solution from Schneider Electric and the optimal choice for edge and enterprise customers.

The powerfully compact and energy efficient design makes the new InRow DX unit the most versatile and predictable cooling system for next generation small and medium data centers.
Additional/Optional features:

• Top or bottom connections
• Condensate pump
• Dual power supply
• Low noise kit
• Water leak detection

VRV System:
Multi-Split System Air Conditioning

Multi-split systems operate similarly to single-split systems, except they allow you to connect multiple interior units to a single outside unit. Restaurants, businesses, and offices frequently employ this approach. The fewer outside units you require, the less room they will take up and the more appealing they will be to the eye. This can also be used for commercial air conditioning units.

VRF variable refrigerant flow serves as an ideal HVAC solution for medium to big applications, such as hotels, workplaces, and retail stores. Heat pumps and heat recovery are used in VRF and VRV systems. Heat pump systems can heat or cool a building at any moment, making them perfect for open floor plans. Heat recovery systems may deliver simultaneous heating and cooling to multiple areas at a time. This makes them a good choice for a structure with multiple rooms.

Commercial HVAC systems that are efficient collect waste heat from the building and use it to heat water and other areas. You may cool one room while heating another with the heat recovery system.

General cooling capacity options: 4.90kw/654.90KW

Compression type Rotary
Air discharge pattern Horizontal
Intake Air Rear Return
Refrigerant R410A
Refrigerant Charge3pounds
Air Flow 1200CFM
Condensate Pump Capacity1.30gal/hr
Amp Draw Nominal14A
Amp Draw In-Rush65

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