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Tendo Electronics Security department is tasked with the state of the art technologically advanced security systems that help combat crime and add value to their customers, hence our security products and services portfolio ranges from preventative maintenance to remote monitoring of your systems, we’re a partner who can deliver on your loss prevention, inventory, traffic, CCTV & all Low voltage needs to reduce unplanned downtime, increase system life and reliability, and ensure successful operations of your business through our expertise.

1. Planned Maintenance
2. Predictive & Diagnostic Services
3. Remote Monitoring & Operations
4. Repair Services
5. Maintenance contract for existing and new security solutions

Fire Suppression System

The bulky of Data centres provide a combination of smoke and heat detection systems to quickly assess a situation to determine if there is a potential fire hazard. 

In many data centres, early smoke detection is performed by VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) which works by pulling in air via an array of pipes suspended from the ceiling in fire susceptible areas connected into a highly sensitive smoke detector.

The detector uses laser light from the collected air and checks for smoke in the airflow by detecting the light scatter by microscopic smoke particles. The detector sends a signal to a control system that typically sets off an audible alarm and sends an alert to monitoring staff for manual investigation.

Typically, data centres have a secondary system that takes more extreme action which may include shutting down equipment in the room or triggering the release of fire suppressant.

There are pre-action sprinkler systems for data centres that use smoke and heat detection to lower the risk of accidental release.  For false alarms, there are usually emergency switches manually operated to delay release of a fire suppressant agent.

Access Control Systems

Tendo Electronics Security Access Control Systems

Tendo provided state of the art access control systems for its divesy client portfolio. ACS is primarily a physical operation implemented within high security areas, such as data centers, government, military institutes and similar facilities. Typically, an ACS manages, monitors and controls human access to the protected equipment or facility. Most of the ACSs that we design often require a user to provide credential as input, verify/authenticate privileges using the access control list (ACL) and grant/deny access based on the findings.

For example, using biometric security, an ACS can be used to authorize only legitimate access to a data centre facility. The individual must provide his or her thumb print, focal or vocal credentials to an ACS, which is then verified through comparison with its database, and grants access only with valid permission and thus enhancing security to restricted areas. We offer a variety of brands depending on the client specification and intent thus increasing customer satisfaction with every job done.


Tendo Electronics Seurity CCTV

We offer CCTV services to our clients as a way of helping them mitigate and reduce crime at their most vulnerable spaces where crime is prone to happen. The system affords our client the opportunity to have a consistent surveillance on their premises be it business, domestic from wherever they may be through internet Realtime connectivity.

Due to advances in technology our systems do not only offer them the ability to monitor activities from wherever they are but also gives them power to control their premises through Environmental monitoring systems and software’s designed to enable them to execute commands from remote control-based systems.

 Our system also comes with the ability to stores critical footages for future references resulting in increased security and peace of mind where it matters most. Customers are spoilt for choice when choosing a system to adopt for their consumption since we are flexible enough to tailor make the system to meet the actual needs of a clients.

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