UPS and electrical services

UPS and Batteries Supply

UPS and electrical services

An uninterruptible power supply or UPS protects hardware such as computers, data centers, telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment, where an unexpected power disturbance could cause serious business disruption or data loss.

Tendo Electronics are specialists in server room UPS systems and offer a wide range of uninterruptible power supply solutions to suit all budgets and requirements. Based in Harare and Bulawayo we are ideally located to supply, install, maintain and hire uninterruptible power supplies throughout the whole of the Zimbabwe and Zambia.

UPS and Battery relocation services

Tendo Electronics Tendo UPS and Battery relocation services

Our team of fully qualified electrical and UPS engineers are available to assist you, in relocating your existing UPS and batteries to a different location. We can take care of the whole procedure from safe decommissioning and disconnection, to transporting it to your new location, after which we will recommission your UPS system.

We will carry out all relevant checks, including load bank testing, prior to putting your equipment back in service. We can also keep your existing or new site powered, throughout the UPS relocation process, with our hire generator and UPS hire solutions, ensuring minimal downtime.

We are a SAZ approved contractor, so you can be assured that the health and safety elements are covered, and our risk and method statements are designed with safety in mind. We are safe contractor approved so you can be sure that health and safety is covered and that our risk and method statements are designed with safety in mind.

UPS Battery replacement and upgrade services

UPS Battery replacement and upgrade services

If you have an existing UPS or battery that is in good condition, we can simply provide either a new battery or new UPS, to supplement your existing equipment, still meeting your ongoing power continuity needs, without the need to replace everything unnecessarily.

Tendo can provide new battery racks or battery cabinets to meet your needs following a site survey. We can also offer detailed power quality surveys and total cost of ownership assessments, against your current site assets.

In many cases replacing equipment over 5 years old with newer technologies, offers a better ongoing running cost, plus it lowers carbon footprints, for those businesses that are keen to keep on top of their ongoing costs

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