Security Systems -data centre, home, office, industrial and large halls

Security Systems -data centre, home, office, industrial and large halls

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We have a strong relationship with PELtS Pelco, a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of video security systems and security equipment ideal for any industry, with a long and prestigious history of offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Through Pelco we also supply Open security Systems with successful integrations & partnerships in such areas as:

  1. ElectronicAccess control
  2. Video Analytics, Central Station Alarm Monitoring, and video Monitoring,
  3. Cellular Phone-video Monitoring

Netbotz Security Equipment

This equipment is supplied by American Power conversion, APC Netbotz is an active, scalable monitoring solution designed to protect against physical threats, environmental or human, that can cause disruption to a customer’s critical IT assets. It encompasses such aspects as:

  1. access control
  2. surveillance
  3. environmental monitoring
  4. security management capabilities

The underlying value to the customer being

  1. Track and record environment and physical accessReduce human errors
  2. V Help ensure compliance with best international practices in physical security management
  3. Leverage experts for quick
  1. Pay-as-you-grow modular security architecture provides expandability
  2. Centrally trend and receive alarms on environment surveillance, and access control data to quickly find the root cause for failures
Total Cost of Ownership
  1. Optimize IT asset life by ensuring operating parameters are met
  2. Ensure business continuity by monitoring for disruptions
  3. Reduce travel needs to remote sites
Energy Efficiency
  1. Enable verification that systems are running within designed operating parameters and reducing waste (leaks, temperature, humidity) surveillance, and access control data to quickly find the root cause for failures
TAC I/NET Seven Family
  1. Is a powerful, integrated building control solution with features that make your systems easy to install, operate, integrate, expand, & maintain.
  2. Its AC I/NET Seven’s unique distributed architecture maximizes the reliability of your system, increases system security, & cost-effectively scales to meet your specific needs.
  3. File equalization reliably synchronizes multiple workstations, reducing load and dependency on a single PC or server.
  4. Its integrated security features allow you to deliver a secure environment for your employees, tenants, facility & assets. the terminal.
MorphoAccess 500 Series
  1. Versatile biometric terminals intended for access control, time, and attendance.
  2. They use the Sagem Security proprietary algorithms which have acquired a worldwide reputation for their accuracy & levels of performance.
  3. Their rapidity and networking capabilities enable them to address all security applications, from one door control to the protection of buildings warehouses & govt agencies.
  4. Offers value-added retailers and access control manufacturers a reliable powerful and scalable solution.
MorphoAccess 100 Series
  1. Features a new range of indoor/outdoor biometric and contactless smart card terminals available at a low cost.
  2. Compact easy to install and compatible with legacy or new access control systems.
  3. Operates exclusively in identification mode. It offers a storage capacity of two biometric templates per person for up to 500 individuals.
  4. The MA12O model can operate in either identification or authentication mode by reading contactless smart cards.
  5. Supports MIFARE 1K,4K & DESFire contactless smart cards. The biometric data can be either stored on the card or on the terminal. It is able to grow with the business itself
  6. It supports—instead of hinders—business
The MorphoAccess 520 PIV
  1. Sets benchmarks for performance, versatility,& ease-of-development.
  2. The terminal’s suitability for HSPD-12 resultsrom: A. ts dual-core ARM9 microprocessor with multi-thread processing capabilities; B. its GSA APL certification as Contactless CHUID reader, FBI IQS and FIPS 201 approved biometrics; and on-board storage capacity for up to 50,000 users.
  3. For versatility, Ethernet, USB, RS-422, and several PACS connectivity options are available including a configurable Wiegand Output to send the 75 bit FASC-N or 200 bit elements of the CHUID

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Security Systems -data centre, home, office, industrial and large halls

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