Reliable UPS Systems, continue operating your business uninterrupted

Reliable UPS Systems, continue operating your business uninterrupted

Aug 2, 2022 | UPS and Electrical Services | 0 comments

As one of our Value Add Services, we have built extensive expertise which enables us to offer consultancy and advisory services in all areas dealing with critical infrastructure and energy efficiency solutions. Furthermore, we implement turnkey solutions for data centers including UPS, racks, cooling, access control, and fire suppression.

Power Protection Systems

MGE Galaxy 3500

10/15/20/30/40 kVA compact, three-phase power protection with excellent efficiency and optimized footprint particularly adapted for demanding industrial environments.

Double convention online topology

  1. Compact and robust design
  2. Best-in-class efficiency (96 percent)
  3. Parallel capability
  4. Network manageability
  5. IPS1 for industrial environments
  6. Available in 3:3 and 3:1 versions

Symmetra PX 48KW

High Performance, Right-Sized 3-PhasePower Protection with Industry-Leading Efficiency, Availability, and Performance for Small Data Cente s or High Density Zones.

Power, runtime protection, and distribution in a single frame

  1. Modular and scalable without forced shutdowns
  2. High-efficiency double conversion technology (95%)
  3. High-density design _-LowTCO –
  4. Unity power factor corrected
  5. Rack-based for agility and aesthetics
  6. Front access only
  7. Long-life batteries (5-8 years)

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Reliable UPS Systems, continue operating your business uninterrupted

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