Security Systems

Tendo Electronic is a Distributor and partner for Schneider Electrics.  Through our association with Schneider we have developed a relationship with Pelco, a member of the Schneider Electric family of businesses. Pelco is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems and security equipment ideal for any industry, with a long and prestigious history of offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Tendo through its association with Pelco is able to supply Open security Systems  with successful integrations and partnerships in such areas as Electronic Access Control, Video Analytics, Central Station Alarm Monitoring and Video Monitoring, Cellular Phone-Video Monitoring, Command and Control, Mobile Digital Video Recording, Point of Sale and Loss Prevention Systems.

Netbotz Security Equipment

This equipment is supplier by American Power Conversion (APC). Tendo is an Elite Partner for APC by Schneider and has been in partnership for over 10 years. Netbotz is an active, scalable monitoring solution designed to protect against physical threats, environmental or human, that can cause disruption to a customer’s critical IT assets. It encompasses such aspects as access control, surveillance, environmental monitoring and security management capabilities.

The underlying value to the customer being:-
•    Track and record environment and physical access
•    Reduce human errors
•    Help ensure compliance with best international practices in physical security management
•    Leverage experts for quick and  remote problem resolution

•    Pay as you grow modular  security architecture provides expandability
•    Centrally trend and receive alarms on environment, surveillance, and access control data to quickly find the root cause for failures

Total Cost of Ownership
•    Optimize IT asset life by ensuring operating parameters are met
•    Ensure business continuity by monitoring for disruptions
•    Reduce travel needs to remote sites

Energy Efficiency
•    Enable verification that  systems are running within designed operating parameters and reducing waste (leaks, temperature, humidity)