UPS Systems

The most critical and sensitive infrastructure needing the highest level of service and response time is the IT infrastructure. It is hence critical that the Electrical infrastructure is maintained regularly but what is more important is the need to ensure that there are means and  equipment in place to safeguard and protect against bad electrical power and indeed provide alternative power in the event of normal electrical power outage.
For example any power disruption greater  than several milliseconds (one millisecond is one thousandth of a second) may cause the essential IT equipment, security equipment and other electronics equipment to reboot resulting on lost work, data corruption or even permanent equipment damage downstream.

This type of disruption is prevented by using a UPS (uninterruptible Power Supply) which ensures that short term power disruptions are filtered out and do not affect sensitive equipment. The UPS can therefore provide continuous power from several minutes to several hours after a power disruption.
A generator is used behind the UPS to ensure continuous power in cases of extended power outage thus ensuring that your organisation is able to continue providing service to customers. Depending on the environment, heat output of IT equipment and air circulation an air conditioning unit ensures that the IT equipment operates effectively. If the air circulation is adequate then IT equipment can operate continuously even after air conditioner failure until corrective measures are taken.

In addition air conditioning units provide a more pleasant environment for staff. From the above analysis UPS, generator and airconditioners all form an essential chain that enables essential IT equipment and your organisation's  staff to continue providing essential services to customers. It is against this background that we believe the best solution foryour organisation is a single service provider that is able to  supply and provide services for all three essential services. Since the UPS is the most critical equipment then capability in offering this service is of utmost importance. The next crucial piece of equipment, the generators require highly skilled diesel mechanics and electrical/electronics skills bearing in mind that the generator is half mechanical engine and half electrical/electronic. For example at a remote site if an aircon failure results in the UPS shutting down and/or failing then it makes much more economic sense if the aircon service provider is able to restore the UPS before leaving site instead of your organisation having to engage a second service provider.

Your organisation will save at least 60% costs in terms of mileage by engaging one service provider for UPS, generators and air conditioners because all these units may be  done on one trip as opposed to three service providers. Specifically for Tendo electronics our experience in electrical infrastructure will enable us to also resolve any electrical issues. This is a huge advantage because for the Ups, Generators and Air Conditioners need to use the electrical infrastructure to deliver the service. Tendo Electronics has a very strong policy of engaging subcontractors and external technical skills to also quicken the resolution times. This enables us to resolve ANY issues related to UPS, generators and air conditioners  with minimal cost to  your organisation.

Value Add Services: Tendo Electronics has built up extensive expertise which enables us to offer consultancy and advisory service in all areas dealing with critical infrastructure and energy efficiency solutions. Another area that Tendo has excelled is the implementation of turnkey solutions for data centers, For example in the last three months we have successfully built two data centers on a turn key basis including UPS, racks, cooling, access control and fire suppression.