Air Conditioning

Tendo has over the years, developed strong business linkages and service center for partnerships with both local and international companies. In this particular case we have build a strong relationship with LG for air conditioning and refrigeration.
We are a Distributor as well as a Service partner for LG. This enables us to sell and perform service, maintenance and repairs on the whole range of LG airconditioning units.

Our direct relationship with the international companies  makes Tendo very capable to meet any challenge for air conditioning and refrigeration ,power and  electrical infrastructure.

Tendo Electronics is centrally located in Harare and has an office in Bulawayo from which we are able to cover operations countrywide through a very mobile team of Engineers and Technicians.  Our team is capable of responding rapidly to faults across Zimbabwe from these two offices as we have been doing for the last 10 years with very satisfied customers. Most of our customers who are on service level agreements (SLA) with guaranteed response times keep renewing their SLA based on our high performance.

Quality Assurance

We currently strive to ensure that all our work conforms to the highest quality standard possible. Part of our quality efforts includes our Helpdesk logging system.

Tendo Electronics Helpdesk is manned by fully qualified personnel that are able to log in and calls for assistance or faults. These are then attended to immediately for quick resolution with defined time frames for each specific category of log. All scheduled maintenance jobs will be coordinated from our Helpdesk from where appropriate technicians and engineers will be deployed to attend to all tasks.

Service and maintenance intervals for equipment supplied are normally based on the manufacturer’s recommendations or through mutual agreement with the customer.